E2BA National Liaison Points

About the NLPs

The purpose of the E2B European Initiative is to boost Research and launch large scale actions all over Europe. Perhaps the most important factor is to introduce a step change in this arena; in essence, to build a European roadmap and get all players involved around an industrially-led common initiative.

There is a need therefore to include management-structures to define the appropriate R&D needs, launch the corresponding programs and ensure that expected goals are reached. While rather hackneyed, the phrase “Business as usual is not an option” is apt when considering the monumental task of improving the energy-performance of Europe’s building stock.

A Roadmap has been developed to provide a view of where efforts should be directed to achieve the maximum efficacy of pan-European research. This working document will change as priorities vary. It is formed through interactions from the E2B Association, National Contact Points in each member state and, ultimately, through national members, SMEs, local Government and public bodies.