E2B Association

 Who can participate in the International Non for Profit Industrial Association: E2B Association? 

The E2B Association is open to any organisation that is willing to become a member and agrees on the statutes and annual fees.
To become a member of the association an application procedure has to be followed.

  Which are the annual fees for the Members of the Association? 

The Basics

  What is the aim of a Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)? 

A PPP implements a common Strategic Research Agenda. This details the research and development challenges that need to be addressed. Each JTI defines a detailed Work Programme and directly manages all aspects of the implementation of the JTI programme, including organising calls for proposals and tender, proposal evaluation, project selection, negotiation and signature of contracts, project follow-up and reporting, all respecting the Framework Programme's principles of competition and excellence.

In addition, it deals with general aspects such as research infrastructure, education, support for SMEs and international collaboration.