About E2B and the EeB PPP

Need for large scale action

The challenge of achieving energy efficiency is a complex one and requires a refined, multi-faceted approach at all levels. To help us understand the scale of action needed we can refer to the “wedge theory”(see figure).

Reducing CO2 emissions will require working simultaneously and with a coordinated approach at all levels. The specialised skills and broad range of experience of E2BA members will be fundamental.

The E2B EI works on a large scale which is not only more cost effective, but will allow the use of energy to be optimised at many levels from single dwellings to the whole district.

Europe has launched various programmes such as ECO-BUILDINGS (more than 100 projects from FP5, FP6 and FP7 in many different European cities), CONCERTO (18 projects from FP6 and FP7 covering 46 different CONCERTO communities), SAVE projects, ERACOBUILD, as well as a number of related national programmes.

The E2B EI takes all of them into account, working with existing research outcomes or developing coherent, complementary actions.

The following section outlines the potential impact of E2B EI (2009 to 2019). These impacts are substantial and will be far reaching across Europe: